Candy Dulfer, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, Natasha Bedingfield, and so many other top artists have Printz Board in their list of commons. Printz has been the man behind some of their musical successes either as a producer or songwriter. Let’s take a quick look behind what made him what he is today.

Kids will usually take the opportunity to go outside and play, but this concept of playing had a different meaning for Printz. As a child, his mother and grandmother would have him sit in front of an organ and play music, and he was satisfied by doing just that. Music has always been a part of Printz’s life and his love of playing the trumpet at an early age brought him to discover the other side of music. It carried on when he worked with the Black Eyed Peas, while handling his production company Beets and Produce, and when creating music for other artists.

Now he has decided to focus on his own music and creating his own sound. He is releasing his debut album Board Games in Spring 2014. Until the official release of his first album, he has been keeping himself busy. In fact, his song “#1” got featured on VEVO and his other song “Hey You” was featured in a Pizza Hut commercial. It doesn’t stop there as he wants to continue discovering new ways of delivering his life story though music. He’ll be keeping his music fresh, edgy, and spicy.

“Now I wanna be the front man of my own thing…” – Printz Board