Who couldn’t forget the song, “Abracadabra” when they were a child? The catchy beat of this 80’s tune would surely want to make you sing along and dance to it. This classic Steve Miller song has been covered many times before by several artists like Sugar Ray and Mike Chapman. However, Printz Board has put a new twist to it and came up with something that he can call his own.

Printz Board’s  “Abracadabra” retained that same quality of the song and gave it the proper tribute it deserved. Listening to the song, you would notice some modern touch added to it, like the synthesized, auto-tune quality you can hear in the background as well as some high-octane drum beats. His rap also blended well in the song and you can feel the rhythm all throughout. It just wants to make you stand up and groove to the music!

If you haven’t seen its music video yet, check it out below!