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Ever wonder what goes on during Printz Board’s typical day? Well here’s your chance to catch a glimpse of what this upcoming solo artist do on a daily basis. Stereotude, one of the leading online sources today for news about the music industry, did a piece on him recently. We’d say this was the closest thing that one could ever get in becoming a Printz Board groupie as the reporter from Stereotude followed him around throughout the day to chronicle our man’s daily activities.

Here’s a concise version of what transpires when you hang around with a very busy man like Printz Board:

  • The day starts with Printz Board checking his emails, after which he prepares and eats a simple breakfast consisting of eggs, toast, and fruits.
  • Printz Board starts working shortly after, dedicating the morning to a few side projects he’s currently busy with. The rest of the morning he spends reading messages and taking calls from other artists and music producers and discussing possible collaboration with them.
  • Boxing training sessions at Pullman’s gym in Burbank follows at noon, which lasts about less than an hour. Then he goes home to shower and spends some quality time with his mom.
  • The afternoon he spends with his bandmates performing live, on-air shows like what he recently did at KIIS FM, as well as doing interviews.
  • Evenings are about band rehearsals and meeting with a few friends and fellow artists, followed by a late dinner. Printz then goes home, chats with his mom about his day, then returns to his computer to do more work.

Sounds hectic, huh?  Read the full version of it here.

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