Have you seen Pizza Hut’s latest advertisement about their “Ten Dollar Any Pizza Deal” and spent parts of the day afterwards absent-mindedly singing “Hey you!/ na na na na na naaa…”? If the answer is yes, then that means the song, “Hey You” by Printz Board stuck to you.

Selected from over a thousand pop hits considered for use in the commercial, “Hey You” eventually won out giving Printz Board, who is actually a Grammy award-winning music producer, another accomplishment to his already impressive resume.

The song, which is actually also part of the upcoming debut solo album of Printz Board titled Board Games, melds perfectly with the approach of the advertisement. It has an engaging, yet steady beat to it that helps keep together the message of the commercial at a cool, comfortable pace. With the sample of the song firmly planted in the background of the thirty-seconder, the Pizza Hut commercial does not sound like it is overselling the service, yet at the same time, it does not sound like it is merely bragging about the promo. The timely cueing in of the “hey you’s” after the announcer delivers the question to the audience also seems to subliminally reinforce the message it is trying to get across.

Judging from some of the responses of users who viewed the ad on YouTube, Printz Board’s Pizza Hut commercial seems to be catching on with the patrons of the brand.

“That song in the background is fresh,” writes a Jeff Logan on the comments section.

“I love the background music …really cool!!! HEY YOU,” says a Printz Board fan who goes by the name, Ute Reese.

The next time this song suddenly pops into your head and you end up getting yourself some Pizza Hut, that’s probably because Printz Board’s “Hey You” made you do it.