For the most part of his illustrious career as a music producer, Printz Board has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. His clientele is a festival-worthy one that includes Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, and Natasha Bedingfield, as well as luminaries such as Dr. Dre and the late Michael Jackson. He is also known as one of the driving forces behind the Black Eyed Peas, having co-written songs with the band since its inception and winning several Grammy’s for his work with them. There is no other way of putting it: Printz Board as a music producer is larger than life.

What people may overlook after glancing at the credentials of Printz Board however, is the fact that he is an immensely talented musician. From the keyboards to the bass, down to the trumpet, Printz Board can hold his own at virtually any instrument he gets his hands on.

These things about the man make his decision to jump out of the backroom to become a solo artist unsurprising.

“It’s time for Printz Board. It’s time to show the world… ‘me’,” says Printz.

He’s showing the world alright, and he is rising fast up the ranks. Armed with his potent mix of danceable tunes that incorporate elements from soul, funk, R & B to hip hop, Printz Board as an indie artist is hard at work promoting his music and turning heads all around the US owing to his engaging live sets. The music video for his debut single “#1” premiered on MTV Buzzworthy and mtvU some months back and on VEVO more recently to a positive reception from audiences. He is in a solid position at this point and is continuously generating a lot of buzz heading into Spring 2014, during which he will release his first EP “Board Games.”

With all these in tow, it’s not hard to imagine that Printz Board can be larger than life too.