After years of collaborating with hit makers such as Katy Perry, Sheryl Crow, and working closely with the Black Eyed Peas, Grammy award-winning producer Printz Board is all but ready to step out of the shadows to, in his words, “be the frontman of (his) own thing.” Anticipation is mounting as the Spring 2014 release of his debut EP Board Games draws near. The recent release of the advance single “#1” by Printz Board and the subsequent publication of its music video only adds up to the hype he is generating.

The first single “#1” is, as described on MTV Buzzworthy, a love song with a twist. Simply put, #1 is a tale of the persona in the song who, in search of the one, has various quirky encounters with the ladies along the way. This rollercoaster ride of a track proves to be a strong debut single for Printz Board, thanks to its infectious hooks and sick beat.

Its music video only adds more kick to the already catchy tune. Shot entirely at 1 Big Stage studios in Los Angeles, California, it is a well-thought out back-to-basics work. Instead of relying heavily on post-production digital magic, the team behind the #1 music video, Beets and Produce, opted for a mostly organic setup to come up with what Printz Board describes as a “fun… makeshift world.” A simple setup that makes use of a white background, a few colorful cardboard cutouts (including some that read #1), a crew of backup dancers dressed in blue coveralls, and a smoking main girl in Jennifer Rodriguez is all it took to bring visual life into the song.

“I have all these favorite videos – classic videos…and I can actually have one for me,” says Printz.

The #1 music video debuted on MTV Buzzworthy and mtvU earlier this year. It also made its debut on VEVO more recently.

Click on the video above to check out the music video for #1.