Did You Know That…

… Printz Board played keyboards for the Black Eyed Peas long before the band made it big? He eventually became the band’s musical director, handling BEP’s live stadium shows. … Printz Board co-wrote several Black Eyed Peas hits such as “Where is the Love?”, “Don’t Phunk with My Heart,” and “Meet Me Halfway”? He also […]

Printz Board’s “Crazy” Collaboration with Candy Dulfer

When you put a trumpet player and a saxophonist in a music studio, expect them to come up with something that is both amazing and unique. That is just what happened when Printz Board collaborated with smooth jazz saxophonist, Candy Dulfer.  Dulfer is an internationally acclaimed Dutch musician who founded her own band Funky Stuff […]

A Day in the Life of Printz Board

Ever wonder what goes on during Printz Board’s typical day? Well here’s your chance to catch a glimpse of what this upcoming solo artist do on a daily basis. Stereotude, one of the leading online sources today for news about the music industry, did a piece on him recently. We’d say this was the closest […]

Printz Board’s New Twist on “Abracadabra”

Who couldn’t forget the song, “Abracadabra” when they were a child? The catchy beat of this 80’s tune would surely want to make you sing along and dance to it. This classic Steve Miller song has been covered many times before by several artists like Sugar Ray and Mike Chapman. However, Printz Board has put […]